Calm Your Gut - A Mindful and Compassionate Guide to Healing IBD and IBS























Consultant & Coach (Barefoot Trained)

Member of ICF:ACC

Member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation

Hay House Author 2022: Calm Your Gut 

Founder: The Mindful Gut UK 














Cara is a Hay House author, coach, and speaker. Inspired by her own healing journey, Cara Wheatley-McGrain has developed a revolutionary approach to thriving with IBS and IBD through understanding, loving, and listening to your gut.

In her new book Calm Your Gut: A Mindful and Compassionate Guide to Healing IBD and IBS Cara shares her tried-and-tested methods.

You’ll be empowered to create your own unique gut-led journey based on science, self-compassion, and intuitive eating. You’ll discover an extensive toolkit of exercises and strategies designed to support gut healing and wellbeing at every level, and expert guidance on setting holistic, healthy, and sustainable goals to thrive.

We increasingly understand just how important our gut is to our overall health and wellbeing. Cara shares how to:

  • Get to know your unique gut microbiome and microbes

  • Cultivate compassion, self-care and greater connection with your gut

  • Use simple techniques for a calmer and more mindful lifestyle 

When you start to truly listen to your gut – in a deeply powerful, gut-loving way – it will change your life.


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