The following list is a partial resource for our site visitors and provides details of previous speakers and friends who have assisted the SNHG over the years. If you have a reason to think your name should be on our list of friends please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Superia Commerce

Not only do Superia Commerce design and build great looking, functional websites - we give you the power to manage your own site. Easily create, edit or delete pages, news articles and navigation links...upload images, video links, testimonials - all using a simple, online administration panel.

Contact: Giles Rees

Phone: 0800 228 9150


Anne Whitehouse Transformational Therapies

I offer theta Healing, Colour Mirrors, Metatronic Healing - therapies which clear deep-seated subconscious blocks gently and quickly.  I also give Expansion through Colour workshops for anyone who wants to explore the power of colour and open themselves to a journey of healing and awakening.  I teach Colour Mirrors practitioner courses and Reiki.

Contact: Anne Whitehouse

Phone: 07779 230859



Tree of Life

Holistic magazine, workshops, talks, conferences and festivals in Birmingham, with leading edge international holistic authors and experts.

Phone:   0121 449 4086



Coaching Together

I am a qualified NCP registered Life Coach, passionate about working with clients to facilitate the changes they wish to bring about.

I have experience working with all ages, but particularly teenagers and parents.   Call me for a chat and to find out how I can help.

Contact: Caroline Gibbs

Phone: 0121 708 1811







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Forthcoming Events

The Power of Out of Body Experiences

24 March 2019


Tuesday 21st May 2019 

Guest Speaker: Jade Wright, OBE Teacher and Workshop Provider

An out of body experience (also known as astral projection) is when our consciousness appears to extend beyond our physical body and journeys within in a different realm of reality. We can connect with people, places and events outside of space and time for healing, knowledge and guidance.

How would you feel if you knew for sure that you are more than your physical body, part of an interconnected universe and that there is no death?

This was a revelation Jade had from her first Out of Body Experience and in this talk she shares her personal story alongside the transformative effects of the phenomena.

Learn what current science has to say about consciousness beyond the body and what spiritual traditions have practiced for centuries.

Venue: The Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road,Solihull, B91 3RQ

Time: Doors open 7pm.  Refreshments served until talk commences at 7.45 pm.

Cost: £5 members/£8 visitors



Are We What We Eat?

21 March 2019


Tuesday 18th June 2019 

Speaker: Hayley Coles, Qualified Nutritional Therapist in Lifestyle Medicine  

Hayley will explain how our bodies constantly communicate to maintain optimal health and how to keep yourself in the optimal zone.

You - “your own universe” - your body is a complex universe sending communication across a network of cells and neurotransmitters through your central nervous system across the cells to organs through your gut, heart, brain - and constantly adapting to the environment and connections around us. 

Your health is completely dependent upon how efficient that signalling and communication process works. Understand the key aspects to empower your body to become optimal. 

Venue: The Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road,Solihull, B91 3RQ

Time: Doors open 7pm.  Refreshments served until talk commences at 7.45 pm.

Cost: £5 members/£8 visitors

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