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Forthcoming Events


14 August 2019


Tuesday 19th November

Guest Speaker:  Fay Semple, Geomancer

“OK,I get it! I hear it all the time.What is a Geomancer?? “ Well ,“Geomancy" is derived from the Latin "geomantia," which in turn is derived from the Greek for "divination by earth." The Arabic name for geomancy, "'ilm al-raml," means "the science of the sand.”

Geomancy is about understanding the science of the natural world but using methods that don’t fit with the mechanistic view of the world. Which is fine, because many physicists now realise that the Universe is not made of matter, it is made of energy. Better still the Universe is in fact conscious and so is everything in it. Not just humans, but all plants, animals, planets, suns, etc, etc...!

Fay has spent a life time reading books on physics, geology, biology, sacred geometry, mysticism, spirituality, earth energies and sacred space, philosophy, medical journals... this list is endless! Why? Because she does not see the world in the way most people do. She sees (with her eyes) energy permeating and surrounding everything. Objects to her do not look solid, they shimmer and move like heat waves as matter and energy come into being. So she read to find out the what, when, why and how of the energy she sees, to make sense of reality.

Fay will talk to us about the energy we can put into our reality, to manifest our dreams, and the nature of time.

Venue: Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road, Solihull, B91 3RQ

Time:   Doors open 7pm with refreshments served until talk commences at 7.45pm

Cost: £5 Members/£8 Visitors



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