Your Divine Mandate Stirs. Stepping Forward into Your Most Fulfilling Year Yet













After a year that has been, for many, challenging – a year that required you to find both energetic and emotional stability - it is now time for the Old Soul and Light Worker to ask constantly: “What do I want?”

The energy of this coming year teaches you to stop prejudging what is expected of you.

You are a Light worker and Old Soul with a natural capacity for decency and compassion. Your task now is to release your predisposition towards unworthiness and allow your innate awareness to prompt you towards what it is that gives you joy.

tella will explore how the wisdom of your unique Akash, and the Divine mandate laid down at your conception are now pushing the Old Soul and Light Worker towards taking your happiness, your right to exist as you want to exist seriously.

The creative and life changing energy of the Divine can only work through you, a human, and you are now being encouraged to step into who you are here to be. The world needs you now more than ever.

Courage, self-acceptance and the ability to maintain your precious individuality make you, a pioneer of the light and co- creator with the universe, capable of stepping into your most fulfilling year yet.


Stella Brookes BRCP is a fully qualified UK based Kinesiologist and one of only seven fully qualified Soul Journey Practitioners based in the UK. Stella is in demand as a speaker and workshop facilitator and for some years she has been our guest speaker in January, kick-starting the year for us.  Her talks and workshops are always very well attended.

She works with clients on an individual basis in addition to running many sucessful workshops and Soul Embodiment days.

Kinesiology is a unique and truly holistic science that is on the cutting edge of energy medicing.  Many believe Kinesiology to be the energy medicine of the future. 

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Tuesday 19th February 2019

Guest Speaker: Jenny Critchlow, Spiritual Teacher 

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What’s so special about Now?  Why is it so difficult to shut our minds off and enjoy what’s right in front of us? 

Talks, techniques (including a meditation) and answers! 


Venue: the Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road, Solihull, B91 3RQ

Time: Doors open 7 pm. Refreshments served until talk commences at 7.45 pm.

Cost: £5 members/£8 visitors


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