Living Presently with Ease. Understanding the Use of Meditation (and Mindfulness)



This talk looks at the difference between meditation and mindfulness and introduces how we can understand what exactly we mean by Now- a buzz word that is often misunderstood!

We will look at what we find it so tricky to stay present, and the forces working against our inner peace. We look at how the Ego pushes us to live in the past and future rather than Now, and why it is helpful to begin to practise living presently.

We discuss the nature of the mind and its madness, stories and beliefs and how this contributes to our suffering.

Meditation is one of the most useful tools to begin to notice how loud and messy we can be inside, and teaches us to quieten and, most importantly, observe our inner life.

We will practise a meditation that allows us to observe how we react to thoughts and feelings inside.

My hope is that at the end of the talk you will leave with more understanding of why we might practise living presently and how much peace and Joy are your birthright, and found right inside of you; a beautiful jewel waiting to be discovered!




















When we change how we see things, the things we see change.

I bring to my work an adult lifetime of study, work, interest and continual self-awareness development.

Today my work revolves around learning about our stories, how we tell them and how we can change them. I talk about how we can be at peace with What Is and allow people to begin to make changes in their thinking, to live a life that begins to free itself from suffering.

I teach workshops and courses that reflect the many different healing modalities I have studied, from Shamanic Dreaming to Meditation and Mindfulness, Dealing with Anxiety and Overwhelm, to Sound Baths, Reiki and Intuitive Healing.  I also see a small number of private clients in One to One sessions.

I use meditation as a way for people to begin to take charge of their own perception of reality, to begin to make peace and observe what truly is, rather than the reality that our thoughts convince us are real.

Meditation is the most powerful way I know to access our own inner knowing.   I have used it personally as a way of exploring my own perceived limitations through extended fasting (abstaining from both food and liquid), and through silence, and sitting in group Sazen. It is through meditation that I have seen through the veil and accessed periods of complete presence, understanding and clarity that serves me to this day.

In 1997 I began studying for my BSc in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Westminster, London, and thus began my journey of exploring the many different ways we can observe, affect and influence both the physical and non physical human experience.  I haven't stopped since.

I have studied healing methods and old wisdoms from many cultures; Native American Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Sound Healing (College of Sound Healing), Active Listening and Counselling, Pranic Nourishment with Akahi, Ecuador, Japanese Reiki, Dowsing and Kinesiology, Western Reflexology and Massage, Zen Meditation, Angel Tarot (Doreen Virtue) and Vibrational Healing.

I now pull on all of the modalities that I have studied and worked with and use them to look at the human journey of perception of reality.  I teach many different workshops and courses that allow you to consider a new way of looking at life.

You can come to learn to meditation, go on your first Shamanic Journey, learn skills and coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety and overwhelm, experience how sound baths can have a profound effect on you, and open up to your own healing journey by learning to access your own innate healing ability.

There is something for everybody.

It has been an incredible journey, one that isn't over by far.   I invite you to come on part of it with me. 

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