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Have you ever stopped and wondered where is my instruction manual? You buy anything from a TV to a fridge or hand whisk and there in the box, or more so these days online, is an instruction manual. It is often in many languages, has a diagram of all the significant parts all labelled up and often a fault-finding guide too. Having recently become a father Jon has now had firsthand experience of a new little person entering our world and yet again no instruction manual. That is till now of course and the arrival in the 80s of Human Design and then a little later Genekeys.

This evening Jon would like to share with you some of the general pointers for your life and in order to do this Jon will need before the event just a few personal details including name, date, time and place of birth. Once this has been entered into the system a Bodygraph will be generated and these will be handed out to you when you arrive. If you are unable or do not want to provide these details Jon will have a selection of charts for many famous people including politicians, musicians and actors that you can use to explore the topic during the evening. Jon will need this information before 30thSeptember 2019 giving time to produce and print off all charts

Whilst we will not be able to delve deep into anyone’s personal design, we can start to look at the various areas of the design and start to show how these play out in your lives. 

Human Design charts are useful for looking at relationships, starting of course with the one we have with ourselves, then we can look a little wider at ones we have with our significant other, with friends, work colleagues. We can look at family dynamics, help parents of newborn children look at how to work with their new child from day 1. Jon has also used it to work with business to help them get the most from their staff, from parents of children (even grown ones) who perhaps cannot communicate to help them get the most from life. We can even look at the life we give our business based on the same details and of course there is Brexit too! 





Jon has always been a great explorer of life and was keen to leave school as soon as possible to get out in the world and explore some more. He also had a problem with teachers telling him what to do. In fact, looking back at old school reports so many of the comments made were just the flip side of some extremely positive traits that he now just makes good use of. You may recall helpful family or friends have said to you perhaps when asked for advice  “Well if I was you I would do this or not do that”.  Well the news here is they are not you and their design is bound to be different to yours so they are just trying to help the best way they know how.

Well being very much an analytical person Jon went on to serve an apprenticeship in Electronics as this was the future so they said. From there he worked in the barcode industry starting fixing equipment and finished as sales Director before moving on to American corporate manufacture and another decade or more educating people in barcodes and equipment. After a life changing incident in 1997 Jon finally plucked up courage to leave the world of barcodes behind in 2001 and headed off to form his own business which over the past decade or more has been dedicated to helping people reach their full potential or at least as close to it as they are happy to go. 

He has always had a great interest and desire for starting things (but rarely finishing them). Now knowing about human design as he does, he sees this is a gift in his design. There have been two exceptions to this, his marriage and Human Design and he thinks in many ways the latter has really supported the former. He has never really known what he wanted to be and where he was going (again clearly shown in his design). He has very empathic tendencies. He does not react well to drug interventions. He can get himself in a mental spin. He loves to keep busy but needs to watch overdoing things. Again, all these and much more is clearly shown in his design.

He would never say that Human Design (HD) is a book to be used as a strict guide as to how to be and behave in life, but it is a great overview and presents you with clear choices. Remembering that there is no right or wrong just different choices and paths to follow can help.

So, are you ready to let Jon have your details and come along to this evening and start to explore the fascinating world of HD and move a little closer to your full potential? If the answer is yes then please let Jon have your name together with date, time and place of birth and he will do the rest.

He is looking forward to seeing you on the evening of 15thOctober 2019 ([email protected]) when he will share some of the knowledge and wisdomof Human Design with you.

Any questions just get in touch with Jon.



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Forthcoming Events


16 August 2019


Sunday 3rd November - One Day Workshop

Guest Speaker: Dr David R. Hamilton, Best-Selling Author and Inspirational Speaker

David will share all the different ways that your mind can have a physical impact on your brain and body, from the effects of belief, emotion and imagination on the brain, heart and immune system, and covering some updated recent research, to specific techniques that can be applied to a wide range of conditions.

David will also discuss how our mindset and emotions impact and shape the world around us and share insights and techniques for helping you to achieve your goals.

He will also lead the group through a goal setting strategy whose effectiveness has been tested scientifically. 

Venue: Solihull Women's Institute, 745 Warwick Rd, Solihull B91 3DG.

Time:  9.30 am prompt start - finish time 4.15 pm

Cost:  £50 - For full booking and payment details click below


14 August 2019


Tuesday 19th November

Guest Speaker:  Fay Semple, Geomancer

“OK,I get it! I hear it all the time.What is a Geomancer?? “ Well ,“Geomancy" is derived from the Latin "geomantia," which in turn is derived from the Greek for "divination by earth." The Arabic name for geomancy, "'ilm al-raml," means "the science of the sand.”

Geomancy is about understanding the science of the natural world but using methods that don’t fit with the mechanistic view of the world. Which is fine, because many physicists now realise that the Universe is not made of matter, it is made of energy. Better still the Universe is in fact conscious and so is everything in it. Not just humans, but all plants, animals, planets, suns, etc, etc...!

Fay has spent a life time reading books on physics, geology, biology, sacred geometry, mysticism, spirituality, earth energies and sacred space, philosophy, medical journals... this list is endless! Why? Because she does not see the world in the way most people do. She sees (with her eyes) energy permeating and surrounding everything. Objects to her do not look solid, they shimmer and move like heat waves as matter and energy come into being. So she read to find out the what, when, why and how of the energy she sees, to make sense of reality.

Fay will talk to us about the energy we can put into our reality, to manifest our dreams, and the nature of time.

Venue: Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road, Solihull, B91 3RQ

Time:   Doors open 7pm with refreshments served until talk commences at 7.45pm

Cost: £5 Members/£8 Visitors



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