Are We What We Eat?





Hayley Coles is a qualified nutritional therapist in lifestyle medicine. After experiencing, studying and using out inner child work, meta healthkinesiology, breath work, somatic experience, it has enabled her to utilise multiple tools and apply these to understand and improve aspects of health, mind, body & spirit.

Through research it is now known that our genes turn on and off in response to our experiences and social environments. Everything interacts, be it lifestyle, food choices, impact of our behaviours, feelings, nerves, hormones and emotions on ourselves and others.

My passion is to share how we can understand our unique bio-chemical make-up and conciously move away from chemicals for greater health in our lifestyles for more abundance in our health & healing, improve our relationships, enhance our work-life balance and utimately look after our environment here on earth.


To work with Hayley contact: [email protected]


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Forthcoming Events

Are We What We Eat?

28 May 2019


Tuesday 18th June 2019

Guest Speaker: Hayley Coles, Qualified Nutritional Therapist in Lifestyle Medicine 


Hayley will explain how our bodies constantly communicate to maintain optimal health and how to keep yourself in the optimal zone.

You - “your own universe” - your body is a complex universe sending communication across a network of cells and neurotransmitters through your central nervous system across the cells to organs through your gut, heart, brain - and constantly adapting to the environment and connections around us. 

Your health is completely dependent upon how efficient that signaling and communication process works. Understand the key aspects to empower your body to become optimal. 

Venue:  Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road, Solihull, B91 3RQ

Time: Doors open 7 pm with refreshments served until talk commences at 7.45 pm

Cost: £5 Members/£8 Visitors

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